About Us

    In 1947, Mr. Tay Long, a first generation Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) student, did sign painting for a living. During this point of time, paints were not as readily available to the general populace, much less a sign painter such as himself. Thus, he started the shop Straits Art Commercial Company so as to provide materials for painters like himself or those in a similar situation of need.

    As the years passed, the demand for graphic design materials faded with the meteoric rise of computers. As a result, during the 1990s, Straits Art Commercial Company changed its name to Straits Art Co Pte Ltd as a testament to its shift of focus into the fine arts market.

    Straits Art Co Pte Ltd  now supplies fine art, graph materials, art and craft at competitive prices. We seek to impart knowledge to our customers through video, written and verbal instructions about our stocked products. In addition, we hope to bridge the gap between artists and aspirants and show that art is not limited to just the specialists. But rather something that follows us through our lives, from learning simple acrylics as a primary school student to coming back years later after retirement as a hobby to keep active and enjoy.

    Our brands include: Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Schmincke, Daniel Smith, Colorpro, Old Holland and many more with varying entry levels from student grade to artists grades. Our products are myriad in its variety and application and through our own testing, we hope to share what we know as well as provide with our customers with the service they deserve and create an environment where they can feel comfortable.

    We hope you enjoy your experience with our online store and greatly appreciate your feedback via email, Facebook Messenger and Instagram direct message.